A complete guide for flawless skin

A complete guide for flawless skin

Everybody wants to look and feel flawless everyday. But with the pollution level and our busy schedule it becomes difficult to take good care of our skin. There are various kinds of skin problems like pimples, acne, redness, and dark spots so if you are having them then you must have yo take good care of your skin. It might take much time to become flawless skin cause flawless skin doesn't happend in overnight.

Here are some tips to get back your beautiful and flawless skin

1. Determine your skin :

is it normal, dry, oily or combination. Do a small small test to know your skin type. Just wash your face, leave it for an hour without untouched and let it dry. Then check with a tissue paper to your nose and cheek.If it fell supple n smooth then you are lucky to that you have normal skin.If it feel greasy like grease on the tissues that will call oily skin. Large pores and pimple are oily skin problems.If you having a flakes of dead skin then you're having dry skin. If you have all three of them then your skin is combination skin.

2. Clean your skin with the scrub, toner or cleanser :

Get you skin clean daily with the toner, facial scrub, or cleanser. Choose the best one which suits your skin. It will give a acne free skin.

3. Use spf50+ Sunscreen daily :

Use sunscreen daily when you go out specially. Sunscreen will help to block harmful UV rays that can lead to skin damage, skin problem and cancers.

4. Remove your makeup properly :

Before going to bed you must have to remove your makeup. If you leaving your makeup on or forgetting to wash your face it can lead you skin damage. If you feel lazy to do it then invest in some wipes and keep them close to your bed.

5. Eat healthy foods :

If you want to get flawless skin that you must have to feed healthy foods for your body. Cause skin care is not enough to get beautifull skin if your diets are not healthy.

6. Drink water :

Please try to drink 8 glass of daily. It will help to keep your skin healthy and glow. Drink green tea regularly it is rich in antioxidants which protects your cells in your body from damage.

7. Sleep properly :

Make Sure you sleep 8hours a day. Or minimum 6hours it will help to improve your skin problem. If you doesn't sleep properly you will get a big dark circle. Cause flawless skin doesn't have dark circle.