What to do after salon visit!

What to do after salon visit!

What To Do :

1. Wear sunscreen after waxed or threading :

Waxing and threading make your skin very sensitive to sunlight. The easiest thing to do avoid skin damage, is to carry some sunscreen when you visit the salon.

2. Use aloe vera gel when you get home :

When you get home use aloe vera gel or aloe Vera leaf. It will soothe the redness or bumps on your skin.

3. Rub an ice cube instead :

When you get home use instead ice cube or take cold both. It will soothing the redness, ice cubes will also help close the pores.

4. Use cooled tea bags for the brows after threads or waxed :

Pop some used tea bags in the freezer for ten minutes, before gently dabbing them over your eyebrow and upper lip. The redness will be disappear in 10 minutes.

Not To Do :

1. Exposing waxed skin to heat :

Waxing is hard on your skin. If you don't want to irritate your skin by exposing it to heat then don't go out or avoid sunlight or hot water baths. It could cause more redness and bumps.

2. Do not swimming immediately after waxed or bleach :

Many skin care experts advice staying away from chlorinated water for a full 24 hours after getting waxed or bleach you skin. So, stay away from the swimming pool the day you get your waxing or bleaching done .

3. Scrubbing your skin facial, waxing or bleaching :

Do not use any kind of scrubs, however gentle or mild, on your body or face after getting waxed, facial or bleached. Use scrub at least 2 days later after waxed or bleach, and 4 to 5 days later after facial.

4. Do not apply more chemicals after bleach :

Face bleach is a very strong chemical especially for facial skin, so it’s best to skip your beauty routine for the day and let your skin be. If you use any cold cream or face wash after bleach it will harm to your skin.

5. Do not step out in sun after bleach or facial :

Bleach makes your facial skin extra sensitive. Staying out in the sun after a face bleach could damage your skin. And after facial if you want make up facial last longer then avoid sunlight.

6. Do not touch face after facial :

If you don’t want to transfer the bacteria from your fingers to your face then don't touch you face after facial.

7. Do not apply makeup after facial :

Facials open up your pores. If you makeup on your face it will clog your pores, giving way to pimples and acne. Best to stay makeup-free the whole day to keep your pores clear.