Hair Spa For Dandruff: 5 Natural Remedies To Your Rescue!

Hair Spa For Dandruff: 5 Natural Remedies To Your Rescue!

Have you ever avoided wearing dark clothes because you’re worried about  dandruff flakes showing up on your shoulders? Or maybe you’ve spent big  bucks on fancy medicated shampoos?If you’ve ever suffered from dandruff, you know just what an embarrassing, itchy, and annoying problem it can be.

Dry scalp promotes many skin problems and acts as an abode to various bacteria and germs.An infected dry scalp may lead to dandruff and flakiness.Dandruff can also occur if your scalp is too oily. An oily scalp is more prone to germs which results in infections and promotes dandruff.

You can get rid of these hair and scalp problems with some of the easiest and natural home remedies.

5 Natural Ways of Treating a Dry Scalp And Dandruff:

1. Tea Tree Oil

Like other essential oils, tea tree oil has been used medicinally for  hundreds of years. The aboriginal people of Australia used it to clean  wounds and treat infections.Today, tea tree oil is a common ingredient in shampoos and soaps. Its proven antimicrobial properties make it an excellent cleaning agent.Tea tree oil is also rich in terpenes, which can help block bacteria and treat a wide variety of conditions from acne to skin fungus.

You can add a few drops to your shampoo to create your own dandruff-busting concoction.

Or, add several drops to a tablespoon of oil – like olive oil, coconut  oil, or almond oil – and massage into the scalp a few times per week.  Leave it in for about 5 minutes before rinsing it out to see the best  results.

2.Aloe Vera

Besides being an excellent sunburn remedy, aloe vera is a great way to effectively treat dandruff.aloe vera is a storehouse of vitamins. Vitamin E and A contributes greatly in reducing dryness and locking the moisture to your scalp.It also has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties that both prevent and treat infections.

Mix in some aloe vera gel with a few drops your favorite essential oil.Apply this mixture to your scalp and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing off with water.Repeat a few times a week.

3.Vitamin E Oil

oil is a powerful antioxidant enriched with nourishing properties.It works on your scalp and fights with the bacteria and germs that are attracted to dry scalp.Vitamin e oil keeps your scalp hydrating and protects it from free radical damages.

Take the oil from the capsules in a bowl and apply all over your scalp massaging gently.Leave for an hour and wash off with a shampoo.Repeat at least once a week.

4.Olive Oil

Olive oil is incredibly moisturizing, so it is able to provide quick  relief for a dry, itchy scalp. It can also soak into problem areas that  might be causing persistent scaliness, to moisturize and nourish the  skin.

Use an overnight olive oil soak by massaging 3 to 4 tablespoons  directly onto your scalp and covering your hair with a shower cap. The  next morning, shampoo it out and feel the smooth, dandruff-free  difference.

5.Egg Yolk and Yogurt

An egg is a powerful element when it comes to hair problems. Egg yolks are rich in many vitamins and fatty acids.The vitamin A of egg yolks works incredibly well with dry scalp providing nourishment and hydration.The  fatty acids control sebum production and unclog hair follicles. Yogurt  contains strong antibacterial properties and proteins.

Beat the egg yolks, and add in yogurt and honey.Apply the mixture on your scalp and leave it for half an hour before washing off with a good shampoo.Repeat once a week.

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